Sad News

I have just spoken to David Morris who has had some terrible news. His partner. Ruth, who a lot of you will remember from the early days of the forum, passed away on Tuesday.

He asked me to let everyone here know and to say that the funeral will be on Thursday at 2:00pm if anyone would like to attend. I'll update this when I have some more information.

Ruth was a warm and generous person, and this is far too untimely.

I'd like to remember her as the person who was remarkably kind about my Green Tea Jelly contribution to David's birthday party this summer (certainly kinder than it deserved) and who tried to persuade me that Pork Scratchings were an ideal diet food.

It would be nice if we could do something in memoriam.
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Life drawing

Now that Thursday nights are free I'm going to sign up for life drawing at Bristol grammar school. It would be cool to get some forum people there. We could even go to the pub after, or before, or during (Well, maybe not during).
A new term starts on the 30th April, though I think it fills up quickly hence me mentioning it now, and you need to let the guy know you're coming. There's more info on the site


Just an update to everyone that Fox had his flat destroyed in a fire a week ago and has lost almost everything he had. If anyone has anything they're thinking of freecycling or charity shopping that might be helpful, let me know and I'll pass word on to Amanda & David.

Life Drawing

This is just an idea at the moment, but with your support, and/or input it may become a reality.

Im trying to find a venue for a monthly life drawing class, i will also be attempting to find a range of models. I will try to keep the price of each session as low as I can.

Would you be willing to spend one evening a month in a life drawing class?

How much are you willing to pay for this life drawing class?

If any of you are interested please contact me either thru my facebook account, or by email,

Thank you Claire
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Christmas do location?

Last night we road tested Obentos (The Japanese restaurant on Baldwin St) and deemed it a suitable location for next Friday.
All in favour, raise your hands and go aye.
Oh and we need an idea of numbers as we have to book a table.

EDIT: I'll get a table for 6 booked for 7.30 on Friday.

art giveaway

i've decided to give some of my old artworks away- details at but if anybody wants anything i can bring it to the forum (so you dont have to pay the postage) and maybe you can buy me a drink for my kindness. alternatively, if you want to come round my house at some stage you can see everything i've got. i'm probably out tonight if other people are.
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